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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

If you have ever watched wrestling, you may have noticed that wrestlers wear pretty bizarre uniforms. As a result of its design and revealing nature, this uniform is called a singlet and is quite controversial. A wrestling singlet (or simply singlet) is a one-piece, tight-fitting uniform, usually made of spandex/lycra, or nylon. In this article, we look at the unique design of singlets, underwear, and why male and female wrestlers wear them.

Why Do Wrestlers Wear Singlets?

In wrestling, a singlet's form-fitting design prevents inadvertent cloth grabbing, thereby minimizing injuries caused by clothing that gets tangled around fingers, causing fractures and dislocations. In spite of wrestling's strenuous nature, singlets are designed to stay snug, secure, and close to the body.

Do Wrestlers Wear Cups Under Their Singlets?

The answer is no. When wrestling, there is little chance of being seriously injured in the groin. Wrestlers typically wear briefs, compression shorts, or nothing beneath their singlets. Compression shorts have become the most popular choice in recent years.

Why You Should Not Wear A Cup Under Your Singlet?

1) Uncomfortable – During your match, the cup will move around

2) Injury – If the cup moves, it could pinch your genitals, resulting in injury and severe pain

3) Noticeable – wrestlers' singlets are revealing, and a cup is visibly out of place.

4) Restricts movement – for wrestling to be successful, one has to be able to move freely and comfortably.

5) Low risk for groin injury- you have very low chances of being seriously hit or injured in the groin during a wrestling match.

Why Do Wrestlers Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Singlets?

1) Comfort – compression shorts are soft, elastic, fit well and do not bunch up or move around during activity

2) Increase mobility – Compression fabric has elastic material which enhances mobility and flexibility

3) Provide support - compression shorts form-fitting will secure your genitals

4) Modesty – singlets can be revealing, compression shorts help keep you covered

What Do Female Wrestlers Wear Under Their Singlets?

Female wrestlers usually wear compression tops and shorts. However, some athletes do not wear anything underneath their singlets. In America, each female high school wrestler is required to wear a compression top and bottom underneath their singlet.

According to the National Federation of State High School Association, all-female wrestlers must wear compression clothing under their singlets. The rule specifies, “A suitable undergarment, which completely covers the buttocks, groin area and breasts shall be worn under a one-piece singlet. Any other undergarment worn under the one-piece singlet which extends beyond the inseam shall be tight-fitting and shall not extend below the knee.”

Why Are Wrestling Singlets So Revealing?

Wrestling singlets are revealing because they need to be form-fitting to prevent athletes from grabbing the clothing or catching their fingers. Singlets are also designed to give wrestlers maximum freedom when moving while also ensuring they do not come off during a match.

Key Reasons Why Wrestling Singlets Are Revealing

1) Prevent clothes grabbing – In wrestling, grabbing the clothes is illegal because it gives an unfair advantage in terms of takedowns and defensive moves. Singlets are designed tight to prevent the garment from being grabbed.

2) Prevent Injuries – Fingers can get stuck in loose clothing resulting in fractures and dislocations, singlets are tight to prevent injuries

3) Unrestricted movement – The elastic fabric allows quick and explosive movements to achieve this your singlet must stretch and conform to the body.

4) Staying in place – The one-piece design and tight elastic fabric of singlets ensure the uniform stays in place.

Can You Wear A Wrestling Singlet To Practice?

The answer is yes, but your teammates may make fun of you. Wrestlers typically wear shorts and t-shirts to practice. Compression shorts and tights with a t-shirt are now popular. If you still desire to wear a singlet, wear a T-shirt on top and your singlet as bottoms.

In America, it is common for wrestlers to make fun of other wrestlers who wear a singlet to practice. This is a little bit of a mystery. I think it has to do with the fact that singlets are revealing and reserved for competition days.

How To Look Good In A Wrestling Singlet?

To look good in a wrestling singlet, you want to wear one that fits correctly, it shouldn't be too loose or long. Find a stylish wrestling singlet, avoid crazy patterns and colors.

1) Wear appropriate size - as a general rule, the singlet needs to have a snug fit that doesn't allow for sag or excess fabric. Choose your size based on your chest size, as you would a T-shirt. If you're a medium T-shirt, you'd be a medium singlet.

2) Wear a tasteful singlet- No obnoxious symbols or fluorescent colors, find something similar to what the National Team wears

3) Dark Colors- if you are concerned about revealing body parts, a dark color is better than a white one

4) Hit the gym – Looking fit aides in the appearance of a form-fitting singlet.

Bringing Home The Hardware

We write these articles to educate our community while raising the bar for the standards we set for wrestling. As a result of education, we keep wrestlers on the mat so they can bring home the hardware at the end of the day! Wrestling Savvy's mission is to educate the general public and the wrestling community at all levels. Your sharing, comments, and subscriptions are appreciated.

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