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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

During wrestling tournaments, the action lasts all day long. Attending an event unprepared can lead to a long and miserable day. It is recommended to plan for a minimum of eight hours. Do not expect your wrestler to return home until around the time of dinner or afterward. If you need to buy food, make sure that you have cash handy. In general, snack bars lack nutritional value, so packing food is usually the best option. Because backpacks are easier to carry, they can be used to pack many items. Make sure to arrive at least an hour early. There will be a lot of parents in the stands, so try to select a seat near your wrestling team.

Survival Kit for patents:

1. Stadium chair- Long hours sitting on hard bleachers can wreak havoc on your back or exacerbate an existing problem. A comfortable stadium chair is highly recommended.

2. Cash- For concessions, admissions, or possible wrestling entry fees

3. Video camera- For recording memories or for evaluating your wrestler's matches

4. Battery packs/chargers for mobile devices.

5. Tylenol, Excedrin, or any other pain reliever you prefer- A long day of cheering, whistleblows, and sitting on the bleachers can result in headaches or minor aches and pains

6. A portable cooler filled with healthy snacks and drinks would be a good alternative to the greasy concession stand food

7. Layers of clothing will be necessary due to the fluctuating temperatures in the gym. You should bring a light T-shirt, long sleeves, sweatshirt, and coat. The temperature can range from freezing to hot.

8. Extra bottled water - Your wrestler will often come off the mat, exhausted, asking for a drink. We always bring extra water bottles with us.

9. Downtime activities such as electronics, cards, and games. An hour or more may pass before their next match.

10. Your health insurance card, just in case.

Bringing Home The Hardware

We write these articles to educate our community while raising the bar for the standards we set for wrestling. As a result of education, we keep wrestlers on the mat so they can bring home the hardware at the end of the day! Wrestling Savvy's mission is to educate the general public and the wrestling community at all levels. Your sharing, comments, and subscriptions are appreciated.

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