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Interesting Facts We Bet You Never Knew About THE SOCIAL BENEFITS OF WRESTLING

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Wrestling provides a laundry list of benefits to kids, such as character building, overcoming obstacles, handling emotions, respecting authority, being a good teammate, and the key to success is hard work and determination.

In addition to helping young people develop on the mat, wrestling also helps them develop off the mat, particularly in a social setting.

A positive experience in sports can have a profound impact on the social development of young athletes. When wrestlers aren't competing, they cheer on their teammates and get an appreciation for how powerful a collective group of people can be when they shout words of encouragement.

Wrestling teaches us about the importance of teamwork and praise, which we can carry with us into adulthood, where the ability to lift someone who is struggling, whether it's a co-worker, friend, or spouse, can have a major impact.

If a wrestler can put on a revealing singlet to compete against an opponent under a spotlight, in front of a large crowd of spectators, they can then feel confident putting on a suit and executing a job interview. Being confident under pressure is a norm for wrestlers.

The sport also teaches the value of dependability. In college or the workplace, especially in the workplace where teamwork is required, it's important to cultivate these skills as you enter adulthood.

As an athlete, you are relying on your teammates to show up to practice. As a parent, you have a duty to support your child at tournaments. As a coach, you're responsible for sharing your knowledge with wrestlers and their families. When you decide to become a part of the wrestling community, people want to know they can count on you. And that is why wrestlers are such a close-knit community. No matter what, they always have someone in their corner."

There are also social benefits to wrestling through group activities. This happens with wrestling programs throughout the country. There is the annual end-of-year party. In the summer, parents, wrestlers, and coaches go camping or boating. There are also group volunteer outings at Feed The Homeless or walking the dogs at an animal shelter. These activities help build strong, lifelong relationships. Family members will cherish those memories forever. Wrestling also teaches the value of giving back.

As a result of wrestling, kids can experience life on the road, in different parts of the country, or with different people, from small towns to big cities to rural America.

At wrestling meets, tournaments, and clinics, wrestlers make new friends and meet new people. Wrestling provides opportunities for athletes and parents to travel to places they've never been before.

Students are using these experiences in future communications, like during a job interview, an interview for a scholarship, or even in the classroom, where many kids do not feel comfortable asking questions in front of others.

Having something in common with another wrestler makes it easy to start a conversation. For some people, introducing themselves to someone new isn't difficult at all, while others have a loss of words. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you may have in the future.

Years from now, most wrestlers won't remember the result of every wrestling match that they won or lost. Wrestling creates memories and teaches life lessons while also building social skills through a variety of experiences on and off the mat.

What resonates is the interaction and the relationship, and the results will be felt for years to come. The memories will be those bus rides to a tournament and the friendships forged, the joking around before practice, the inspiration you provided to a teammate, and the lasting impressions made by teammates during or after a match.

Bringing Home The Hardware

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