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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Wrestling shoes are very much the unsung heroes of the wrestling world: a lot more of the tactical advantage a wrestler can gain is provided by their footwear.

Therefore, we are going to help you find the best wrestling shoes suited to your wrestling style so that you can take down any opponent.

What can the best wrestling shoes offer?

A wrestler's body pivots around his ankles and feet, and wrestling shoes are designed to provide maximum stability and support to these critical points.

As your opponent pushes you in all directions, they prevent your feet from slipping on the smooth, and often the sweaty surface of the mat. In addition, they provide a higher level of ankle support than most other shoes, preventing rolling or spraining caused by sudden, unexpected movements.

Is there a Feature I should look for in a wrestling shoe?

Aesthetics is, of course, important in sports like wrestling which love to put on a good show. In addition, there are many styles of wrestling shoes in many different colors. However, aesthetics alone is not enough. Wrestling shoes need to support the demands that the sport will place you under.

The following are the reasons why wrestling shoes are so unique:

Wrestling shoes are lightweight and flexible. They are designed to make you feel almost as if they are not there at all and you are walking barefoot. Wrestling shoes have a high-top design to stabilize and protect your ankles. Rubber soles are usually used in wrestling shoes to provide superior traction and prevent slippage. The soles of some wrestling shoes will be studded for better traction.

Such features are what make wrestling shoes unique and make other training shoes unsuitable for wrestling.

How are boxing and wrestling shoes different?

Boxing shoes and wrestling shoes are designed to perform different tasks.

Wrestling shoes have elevated arches, while boxing shoes are flat.

In boxing shoes, the body pivots through balletic pivots, whereas the body contorts and hyperextends in wrestling shoes. The soles of boxing shoes are designed for nimble sparring, but wrestling shoes need to provide grip-like support regardless of foot angle.

What Is a split sole wrestling shoe?

A wrestling shoe can have a split sole or a non-split sole.

Here are the differences between these so you can decide which one is right for you. The sole of split sole wrestling shoes is divided into two pieces by cutting it in half. Consequently, it offers an incredibly flexible fit that keeps you light, quick, and highly responsive. Non-split sole shoes are often referred to as ‘unisole’ shoes as they have a single piece of rubber that covers your footwear’s base. One of the most important advantages of these shoes is their longevity and durability.

What are the best wrestling shoes for me- 4 Simple Tips

1.) Ensure that they fit perfectly

All parts of your foot should feel snug in your wrestling shoe. There shouldn't be any wiggle room. Try placing your fingers between the shoe and the ankle as a simple test. You may want to consider a smaller size if they fit. A looser fit will result in a loss of balance. And as the shoe wears in, it will get even looser.

2.) Ensure that they provide maximum ankle support

The level of ankle support provided by wrestling shoes is unusual. This occurs because a wrestling bout places a lot of strain on your ankles. Lacing provides some of this support. Shoes that can be tied tightly around the ankles and have little to no gaps between their laces are ideal. There are shoes with asymmetrical lacing, where the eyelets are not aligned at the front. This allows you to tie your laces even tighter. Wrestling shoes may also have an additional strap across the front of the ankle for added support.

3.) Check what they are made from

Wrestling shoes can be made from a variety of materials, but perhaps the most important element to consider is whether the material is lightweight enough to enable greater agility and speed of movement. The faster you will be on your feet, the lighter your shoe. In addition to the weight of your shoe, you may also wish to check how well the shoe's material allows moisture to escape. Among the materials used for longer-lasting wrestling shoes, leather and suede tend to offer more durability and support. Mesh allows moisture to escape readily.

4.) Check the stitching

Stitch strength is a major consideration here, and arguably more so than when comparing running shoes. Wrestling involves a great deal of dynamic movement, and poorly constructed stitching will quickly become a damaged shoe as a result.


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