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Updated: Apr 8, 2022

What are the best wrestling knee pads?

The sport of wrestling is very physically challenging. It demands a lot of strength and endurance. In order to win a match, wrestlers depend on quick maneuvers, firm holds, and mental toughness. Wearing protective equipment is crucial due to the sport's physical nature. Knee pads provide a good deal of protection to a sensitive area of the body. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, which combine latex, polyester, rubber, and high-density foam, are a great choice.

How We Tested

Based on a thorough research process, we recommend these products in order to filter through the noise and find the best products available in this space. To compile this list, we studied thousands of reviews, consulted wrestling community members, and conducted hours of research. Here are our picks for the best wrestling knee pads on the market today.

Buying wrestling knee pads: What you need to know

Wrestling Rules

"knee pads must be tight-fitting, and loose pads are prohibited. As knee pads are legal special equipment they shall be manufactured as a one-piece unit. If the elastic material is extended above and below the knee pad it is legal. Full-length leg sleeves and/or arm sleeves, which are sometimes referred to as shooting sleeves, are not special equipment and therefore not legal. A wrestler would not be properly equipped if he/she comes to the table with a leg sleeve. A knee pad cannot be worn under or over a leg sleeve to make it legal. The item must be a one-piece knee pad to be legal."

What to look for in quality knee pads for wrestling?

A single piece of padding

Many wrestlers tend to wear out knee pads relatively quickly. The number of matches a person can wrestle in one year can reach 40 in some states. If feasible, you should buy pads that will last you a whole season. You should avoid padding with complicated designs such as hexagons. As a consequence of the spaces between each foam piece, this padding will fray too easily over time. A good knee pad should be constructed of one piece of foam or a few pieces of foam stitched together. This will keep you from burning through pads too quickly and better protect your knee in the long run.

Pad stability

With lower-quality pads, it's not always easy to keep your pad above your knee. To prevent shifting during games, you need a pad with good stabilization. It should stay above your knee if the sleeves are long enough. The larger the surface area, the less likely it is to twist around your leg. Choosing a pad with a thin piece of foam is also recommended. Despite the fact that this may seem like a lesser protective option, it actually stays attached to your knee better. It's easier to push large pads to the side when they are caught on a mat.

Machine washable

It only takes a single bout for a pair of clean kneepads to turn into a sweaty mess. It is therefore crucial that your pads are easy to clean. Make sure they can be washed by machine. Maintaining them will be much easier. Hand washing is still an option if they can't be machine washed. Soak them in a tub of warm water with a mild detergent. Instead of putting them in the dryer after they're clean, you should air dry them.

How much do wrestling knee pads cost?

They range from $15 to $75.

Wrestling knee pads FAQ:

Are wrestling knee pads breathable?

Answer: Yes, some compression materials include mesh panels that allow air to flow. As a result, your knee stays cool instead of accumulating sweat from your leg.

How high above your knee should you place your knee pad?

Answer: Wear whatever is most comfortable for you. There are knee pads that extend 4 inches over the knee, and there are knee pads that extend one inch above the knee.

What size knee pad do I wear?

Knee Pad Size Chart:

(Use a tape measure and measure around the center of your knee)

XS 9.5-11.5

S 11.5-13.5

M 13.5-15.5

L 15.5-17

XL 17-18.5

XXL 18.5+


Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Where to buy: SOLD by Walmart

Price Check: Amazon

What you should know: You can buy these latex-free pads in unisex sizes with wide knee coverage.

What You'll Love: The sleeve is made of very durable polyester. The fabric is breathable and very elastic, keeping your skin dry. Combined with the high-density foam, this will help your pads last all season. With their ergonomic shape and non-slip feature, they fit comfortably without slipping to one side.

What you should consider: There have been few consumer reviews that claim there is not enough padding.



McDavid Wrestlers Knee Pad

Where to buy: SOLD by McDavid USA

Price Check: Amazon

What you should know: These pads use technical fabrics and materials to offer affordable, high-quality protection.

What You’ll Love: They use neoprene for the bulk of the pad to create a comfortable and seamless fit. Sorbothane viscoelastic gel is used over the knee cap for ideal impact absorption. It’s also machine washable for convenient cleaning after a match.

What you should consider: Sold as a single pad, not a pair.



Bucwild Sport Knee Pad

Where to buy: SOLD at BucWild Sports

Price Check: Amazon

What you should know: These pads are available in a variety of colors to match almost any uniform.

What You'll Love: They have five sizes ranging from youth to adult XL. A 10 millimeter EVA foam padding is complemented by spandex and polyester. Sweat is wicked away by the spandex, and collisions between your knees are protected by the foam.

What you should consider: The foam padding protrudes more than other knee pads.



Cliff Kleen Wraptor 2.0

Where to buy: SOLD by DICK's Sporting Goods

Price Check: Amazon

What you should know: Slip-on the Wraptor 2.0 knee pad from Cliff Keen for extreme protection with zero bulk and absolute comfort. As well as anatomical wrap-around padding for high-impact absorption on the mat, this Lycra® wrestling knee pad also features lateral support for protection during every move. Air-vent holes on the back of the knee, along with stretch mesh panels, provide a comfortable fit and breathability for maximum comfort throughout the match.

What you'll love: Sleek profile wrestling knee pad, Stretch mesh panels on the back for a comfortable fit and ventilation, Anatomical wrap-around padding for high-impact absorption and lateral support, Air-vent holes supply added breathability, Inner terry-loop fabric delivers maximum comfort and high moisture absorption & Comfort stitching.

What you should consider: There have been a few reports about the knee pad being too small and the stitching coming undone soon after use.



Asics Gel II Wrestling Knee Pad

Where to buy: SOLD at Scheels

Price Check: Amazon

What you should know: The Gel II wrestling sleeve features a Gel Pad in the impact area to protect the patella, as well as neoprene construction and flatlock design for greater lateral stability.

What You'll Love: A revolutionary new teardrop shape reduces bulk without compromising protection. GEL and padding provide essential impact absorption. Additionally, this pull-on sleeve, 7" long, features Kinetofoam which is open-cell padding that dissipates heat working in conjunction with EVA.

What you should consider: Some consumers report that knee pads tore after a few uses, and they would prefer that they be sold as a set rather than individually.



Asics Adult Reversible Unisex Knee Pad

Where to buy: SOLD at DICK's Sporting Goods

Price Check: Amazon

What you should know: When you are wrestling at home and away, reverse your kneepad color to match your singlet color. This kneepad features neoprene fabric for great protection and a low-profile design.

What You'll Love: Great for Freestyle wrestling as well, the ASICS Reversible Wrestling Knee Pad is a great choice for protection without the bulk. Neoprene construction with flatlock seams for added lateral stability. Reversible design for home/away matches.

What you should consider: Some consumers have reported that the padding is too thin.

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