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10 WRESTLING MINDSET TIPS- During tournaments

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

1. Do not view the wrestling tournament as an event. At practice, you wrestle multiple matches. So why should this be any different?

2. Do not concentrate too much on brackets. The most important thing is your mat number and who's your opponent. Because you're probably only going to wrestle 4 or 5 people, you don't need to know every opponent. Overanalyzing brackets results in thinking "what if." Brackets render the tournament more of an "event," adding pressure to the process.

3. If possible, get out of the tournament area. Disengage emotionally and mentally from other matches throughout the day. Limit watching too much wrestling.

4. Avoid letting negative people affect you. It is common for upsets to happen to even the top wrestlers. All of them are capable of losing. In fact, the only person at the tournament that needs to believe in you is YOU.

5. Despite adversity, remaining positive and optimistic is part of being mentally tough. Even when it is difficult, believe in yourself and stay positive.

6. Don't be influenced by people who add pressure or make you overthink (certain team coaches, parents, friends, teammates).

7. Rather than analyze, drill for feel to improve confidence and regroup. Get a drill in between matches to maintain that good feeling.

8. Before you wrestle your first match, wrestle a practice match (get the kinks out of you).

9. Be careful not to over or under-eat or drink. When you're full, stop. If you are competing, you should be fully hydrated.

10. Stay in the present moment. Don't look ahead or behind you. If you lose or wrestle badly, don't let the same opponent defeat you twice. Similarly, don't become too enamored with placing, qualifying, pulling off a big upset, or exceeding other people's expectations. Keep working hard and hungry.

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