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Affiliate Disclosure

Some of our posts contain affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate product link and end up making a purchase, we may receive a small commission from the seller. The amount you pay for the product doesn’t increase. 


These affiliate commissions help us keep the blogging side of the business running. 

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Our advertisement policy


It has never been our thing to run popups or banner ads. This makes reading content difficult and interrupts the reader. We have therefore decided not to use traditional advertising altogether.


This is where affiliate links come in.

What is the purpose of affiliate links?

​Using affiliate links is a smarter overall business model than conventional advertising.

  • The first problem is the interruption caused by pop-up ads.

  • Second, traditional ads fail to offer any additional benefit to the reader besides letting them read about another product.

​With affiliate links, it's different.

Our affiliate links outline the products we promote, whether the reader should choose them, and what their pros and cons are. In this way, the reader will have some insight regarding the link and can determine whether they would wish to check it out or not.


Our affiliate links are often used in comparisons and reviews, which provide the reader with even more in-depth information about the products in question.

By publishing this information, we save our readers time and stress when they are considering which product to buy. With our reputation on the line, we make sure to tell you what the best item is in a given comparison.


The recommendations we make are based on in-depth analysis of customer reviews, hours of research and input from the wrestling community.  We distinguish ourselves on always digging deep and spending as much time and energy as needed to get there.

Are we biased when we use affiliate links?

You may be wondering whether or not using affiliate links makes us biased or influences our judgment.

Short answer: No. However, it goes deeper than that:

All of our recommendations are not influenced by affiliations with the market. According to our research and conclusions, Wrestling Savvy has the full authority and independence to name the best products.

We only affiliate with quality brands and products. This makes recommending them very easy and straightforward.

​Basically, we will never claim that a product is great just because we're affiliated with it. It's the opposite: we only affiliate with products that we think are great.


On the other hand, we’ve also promoted and recommended our fair share of non-affiliate products and solutions, and even named them to be better than some of the more commercial stuff out there. 



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